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Guangzhou Chengyi Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Chengyi Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.

Professional pipe fan, air curtain manufacturers 10 years of brand precipitation

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Air curtainPipe fan Hot Word :

    Our head office:

    Contact: Emily Chan  

    Mobile phone: +86-18664867656  

    Wechat/Whatsapp ID:+86-18664867656 

    E-mail: emily_chan921@yeah.net

    Address: Workshop one,Cunyiluodang(soil name),Zhucun Village,Zhucun Street,Zengcheng District,Guangzhou City,China.

    For Pakistan market:

    Chengyi's sole agent: Vinmay Steel Co

    Contact person: Haziq Naeem

    Cell phone number: +92 336 4447003  

    E-mail: vinmay.steel@outlook.com

    Address: Shop#3 Rehman Street #5 Steel Market, Nishtar Road, Brandreth Road,Lahore,Punjab,Pakistan.


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Service system

     1. European quality service system
     In Chengyi, we deeply understand how important it is for you to be able to use your billions of products with confidence and peace of mind. Today, the leading business depends on the global unified support and services provided by Chengyi.
     The quality service system in Europe is reflected in hundreds of millions. Chengyi has a special air curtain aftermarket service department in China, which is a dedicated team that provides technical support and customer service within and outside the Chinese market.      Chengyi (China) comprehensive service network includes product maintenance, quality assurance, technical support, technology and customer service training, material management, hotline services, etc., together with other organizations of Chengyi, the future market service department will provide service across the country and will These services are subdivided for effective implementation.
     2. Service commitment
     Free consultation to provide product information to help you design the use of the environment;
     Use the most suitable model and installation scheme;
     The quality of three bags, the whole year warranty, the product due to manufacturing quality problems, apply for a new machine within three months;
     After-sales tracking service, telephone call back, any expectations and requests for users, we are always available to provide you with no worries.
     3. Global Support Direct Service
     Chengyi provided "First call--Final Resolution" technical support services for products, which means that our service system and production, sales, logistics, technology development and other integrated management, and use Secure network system for information sharing. Millions of end-users can use a contact point to get hundreds of millions of expert support to help solve the problem. Chengyi also provides users with accurate technical support services in terms of product model selection, consultation, application guidance, and research and development cooperation.
     4. Marketing Services
     We have the best quality of the current new type of enterprise. Chengyi has always been oriented towards collaborative management centered on precision, flexibility and teamwork. We always pay attention to the unique needs of our customers and respond to them. With our precise positioning and innovative marketing strategies, our highly efficient CIS system provides dealers with excellent and powerful marketing services.      We provide globally consistent users with the most advanced air curtain technology and the best personnel.      Support services.