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Air curtain

Cross-flow air curtain machine

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Cross-flow air curtain machine
  • Cross-flow air curtain machine
  • Cross-flow air curtain machine
  • Cross-flow air curtain machine
  • Cross-flow air curtain machine
  • Cross-flow air curtain machine
  • Cross-flow air curtain machine
  • Cross-flow air curtain machine
Brand: Chengyi
Model:CY Series
Type: Tubular air curtain
Material: Iron shell
Performance: low noise fan
Frequency: 50/60 (hz)
Wind speed: 11 to 13 (m/s)
Wind wheel diameter: 107 (mm)
Noise: 53 to 56 (dB)
Voltage: 220 (V)

Air Curtain Product Introduction

Air curtain is an air fresher equipment, to form an “invisible air door” by running of high speed motor with cross flow or centrifugal blower. It can separate the air inside and outside, which is convenient for both access and outdoor, and can prevent hot and cold air exchange between indoor and outdoor. At the same time, it has the effect of dust-proof, anti-pollution and anti-insects.

Air Curtain Technical Specifications:




Frequency   (Hz) Air Velocity (m/s) Air Volume (m3/h) Noise (dB) Power  (W) Unit size (mm)
CY-3506 220 50/60 11~13 1080 53 150 600*198*220
CY-3509 220 50/60 11~13 1630 53 160 900*198*220
CY-3510 220 50/60 11~13 1910 54 185 1000*198*220
CY-3512 220 50/60 11~13 2500 54 220 1200*198*220
CY-3515 220 50/60 11~13 3580 55 260 1500*198*220
CY-3518 220 50/60 11~13 3900 56 320 1800*198*220
CY-3520 220 50/60 11~13 4280 56 350 2000*198*220

Chengyi Beauty Series Air Curtain Features:

1. Elegant appearance
Full metal shell, elegant streamlined design, elegant appearance.
Unique plum grille inlet panel, rust-proof and fireproof durable clean.
2. Stable performance
The use of imported bearings, high-grade motors, noise reduction, wear resistance, long-lasting high energy efficiency, continuous operation for 5000 hours without failure.
3. Smooth and quiet operation
Unequally-distance through-flow super static wind wheel is adopted to avoid the maximum noise frequency area, and the wind power is strong and the operation is stable.
4.  Free control
Unique wind deflector design, wind direction can be adjusted freely.
Double-shift key selection, with high and low two-step speed control function.


Our Factory

Please contact us and tell us Size, Voltage, Frequency, Mounting Height and other requests of the air curtain, we will give you an instant reply.



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