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Company news

Air Curtain Installation Precautions

SOURCE:  TIME:2018-04-28   CLICKS:531

Installation Precautions
1. Before installing the air curtain, the capacity of the power supply and the cross-sectional area of ??the wire must be calculated by a professional, and the power supply wires must meet the requirements of the air curtain.
2. When the machine is installed, the machine should not be underneath the machine. The current capacity of the natural fan device to install the power socket should be above 10A. The current capacity of the heating machine to install the power socket should be above 30A. Try not to share it with other electrical appliances on a socket.
3. If the door is wider than the width of the installed air curtain, it can be installed with a combination of two or more air curtains. In this case, it is best to maintain a 10-30 mm spacing between the two air curtains.
4. Please do not install the air curtain machine where it is prone to splashing water and if it is exposed to high temperature or gas or corrosive gas for a long time.
5. Electric heating air curtain power is larger. N is the neutral line, L1, L2, and L3 are the hot lines, and the yellow and green color lines are the ground lines. Different powers can be selected to determine different temperatures. The 220V connection can only be connected to the N, L1 red line. The 380V connection can be connected with the L line, L1, L2, and L3 at the same time. The connection should be tightened without looseness.
6. Do not directly cut off the power when the heating type machine is turned off. It must be turned off, normal delay cooling, and automatic power off and shutdown.


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