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Company news

The Principle And Use Of Air Curtain.

SOURCE:  TIME:2018-04-28   CLICKS:190

The air curtain machine is installed above the doorway of refrigeration, air-conditioning, dustproof, heat-insulated shopping malls, theaters, hotels, restaurants, conference halls, cold storage rooms, operating rooms and homes. The machine is started to separate the indoor and outdoor air. It not only facilitates access, but also prevents the exchange of indoor and outdoor hot and cold air. At the same time, it has the functions of preventing dust, preventing pollution, and preventing mosquitoes and flies. Widely used in electronics, instrumentation, pharmaceuticals, food, precision processing, chemicals, footwear, and services, commercial and other environment entrances and exits and all places equipped with air conditioners, application of special high-speed motors, drive through-flow, centrifugal Axial-flow wind turbines generate a powerful air-flow barrier that effectively maintains the indoor and outdoor air environment, effectively maintains indoor air cleanliness, prevents hot and cold air convection, reduces air-conditioning energy consumption, prevents dust, insects, and harmful The intrusion of gas provides a comfortable work, shopping, and leisure environment.


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