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Company news

Air Curtain Selection Guide

SOURCE:  TIME:2018-04-28   CLICKS:414

First, the installation height will determine the type of air curtain.

1. Quiet places, such as hotels, conference halls, office buildings, etc.: These places are generally quiet and have low traffic, but the doors need to be opened (the height is generally no more than 2.5 meters), so in order to effectively limit the convection speed of hot and cold air, To maintain space temperature, it is recommended to choose a clean appearance. Stylish and lightweight ordinary axial air curtain (such as Chengyi mini air curtain 9-11m/s).

2.Restaurants, shopping malls, theaters, hospitals and other places with relatively large traffic: such places are relatively open the door(generally not less than 3 meters), and the flow of people is relatively large, so choose a high-volume air curtain machine, such as the Chengyi classic air curtain 11-13m/s.

3. Constant temperature warehousing and logistics center: The door of the warehousing and logistics center will generally be more than 4 meters, so the air curtain machine with normal air volume is difficult to achieve the expected effect. Is generally used, and the wind resistance height is 4.5 meters.( Such as chengyi centrifugal air curtain 16-20m/s)

Second, the quality of the difference between the quality of the brand
1. Appearance and the process;
2. Trademark;
3. Non-formal brands are mainly brand names; air curtain machine top ten brands
4. Look at after-sales service; brand machine has designated outlets, non-formal machines are merchants repair, there is no perfect service system.

Third, the price of air curtain
What is the main air curtain model price, the general retail price is USD25--150, the specific price to see models and brands.


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