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Company news

How To Disassemble And Maintain The Air Curtain?

SOURCE:  TIME:2018-04-28   CLICKS:391

After the air curtain has been used for a period of time, it needs to be cleaned regularly, which can extend the life of the air curtain.

Most users only clean the housing, the panel and the filter when cleaning the air curtain, and the special components such as the internal condenser and evaporator are no way, but the latter is often the breeding ground for bacteria. For example, when the air curtain is in operation, 80% of the tiny dust and bacteria in the air enter the air curtain through the filter screen, and they become stuck on the evaporator after adhering to the condensed water, affecting the cooling and cooling of the air curtain, and the humidity. The evaporator surface is a breeding ground for various bacteria.

How to disassemble and maintain the air curtain?

Air curtain clean:
1. indoor unit part
Indoor radiator such as dirty plug: will cause the indoor air volume to reduce, indoor air circulation is slow, cold air blowing out. The room can reach the set temperature within 1 hour. Due to the dirty machine inside, the air volume is too small and it may take 3 hours in the room to reach the set temperature.
2. indoor water tray
Long-term non-washing of indoor water trays can easily become a place for filth. Viruses multiply in air curtain machines and threaten human health. Therefore,      Huayi Public Works recommends that you regularly clean the air curtain machine.

Air curtain maintenance
1.Check the power cut before cleaning the unit.
Wet a piece of razor fabric with detergent to clean the inlet louvers, curtains and hood.
2. Do not use gasoline, benzene or other similar chemicals for cleaning. Do not allow water or other liquids to enter the motor, heaters, and switches during cleaning.
3.When cleaning the blade, use gentle force, otherwise it will cause deformation and chatter.


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