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Industry news

How To Choose The Winter Air Curtain?

SOURCE:  TIME:2018-04-28   CLICKS:452

How to choose the winter air curtain? 
First select the winter air curtain, we must clearly know the door's width and height. It can help you make reasonable choices for the ideal air curtain. For example, if your width is 3 meters, the height is also Within 3 meters, then you can choose, two 1.5 meters air curtain machine, assembled, can achieve the desired effect.

Various places choose air curtain:
The air curtains used in winter generally have plumbing air curtains, electric heated air curtains, and natural wind curtains.

First of all, the installation of a water heater must use hot water as a medium to generate heat. If you do not meet this requirement, you must use other air curtains.

The second is the electric heating air curtain machine. The electric heating air curtain machine generates heat quickly and has a large amount of air, but the power consumption per hour is about ten degrees or so.

The next step is the commonly used air curtain machine, which is the natural wind air curtain machine. The natural wind air curtain machine uses the indoor wind. If you use indoor natural oil heating, it is recommended to use the natural wind air curtain machine with low power consumption and air volume. Big effect.


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