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Industry news

Air Curtain Installation Method

SOURCE:  TIME:2018-04-28   CLICKS:498

The air curtain machine is installed above the doorway of refrigeration, air conditioning, dustproof and heat-insulating shopping malls, theaters, hotels, restaurants, conference halls, refrigerators, operating rooms, and homes. The air curtain drives the through-flow or centrifugal wind wheel through a high-speed motor. The resulting strong airflow creates an invisible curtain. 

What should you watch out for when installing the air curtain?

Installation method
1. After removing the air curtain machine hanging plate screws, remove the hanging plate;
2. Secure the hanging plate firmly to the mounting position;
3. Upside down the air curtain machine upside down on a fixed hanging plate;
4. Use the removed screws to align and re-tighten.

Air curtain installation note:
1. This machine should be installed on the door frame
2. The width of the door opening must be less than or equal to the length of the air curtain; (if the door opening is too wide, several curtains must be connected for installation).
3. The mounting plate must be firmly attached to the wall (or column) to prevent vibration due to loosening.

Mounting base plate installation method:
Such as: installed on the concrete wall. According to the position of the hole in the mounting plate, 8 bolts with a relative size of 10×60 are arranged, and the bolts are embedded in the cement. Then attach the mounting plate to it. Or punch directly in the concrete wall and fix it with expansion screws.
1. When the mortar is fully fixed, fix the washer nut on the mounting plate to the bolt. Eight bolts are fixed to the concrete wall or door frame.
2. The body hanging corner must be inserted into the mounting hole in the mounting plate.


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