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Industry news

Air Curtain Operating Principle

SOURCE:  TIME:2018-04-28   CLICKS:588

Everyone may be less familiar with the term “air curtain”. In fact, the strong airflow we feel when we first enter the mall every time we go to the mall is caused by the air curtain. It is also known as the air curtain or air curtain. Today we mainly introduce the working principle of the air curtain.

What does the air curtain work on? How does the air curtain work?
The working principle of the air curtain: The air curtain is a powerful airflow generated by the high-speed motor to drive the cross flow or the centrifugal wind wheel to form an invisible curtain.

The air curtain generates high-speed air flow, divides indoor and outdoor into two independent temperature zones to create a comfortable indoor environment, maintain the effect of indoor air conditioning and air purification, save energy, and circulate the air to effectively isolate dust, smoke and odors. And insects and other microorganisms. Prevent the outflow of cold (warm) air, save the air door that is continuously formed by electricity, can effectively prevent the leakage of cold (warm) air, save electricity, divide the indoor and outdoor into two independent temperature zones, when the air conditioner runs for a long time, Auxiliary circulation regulates the temperature to achieve the purpose of saving energy and improving the environment.


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