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Guangzhou Chengyi Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Chengyi Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.

Professional pipe fan, air curtain manufacturers 10 years of brand precipitation

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Air curtainPipe fan Hot Word :

    Our head office:

    Contact: Emily Chan  

    Mobile phone: +86-18664867656  

    Wechat/Whatsapp ID:+86-18664867656 

    E-mail: emily_chan921@yeah.net

    Address: Workshop one,Cunyiluodang(soil name),Zhucun Village,Zhucun Street,Zengcheng District,Guangzhou City,China.

    For Pakistan market:

    Chengyi's sole agent: Vinmay Steel Co

    Contact person: Haziq Naeem

    Cell phone number: +92 336 4447003  

    E-mail: vinmay.steel@outlook.com

    Address: Shop#3 Rehman Street #5 Steel Market, Nishtar Road, Brandreth Road,Lahore,Punjab,Pakistan.


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     Joining process:
     Merchants' Consultation Decoration Subsidy: Costs for decoration of stores, counters, etc. According to store area and actual investment, subsidies are provided according to company policies. The expenses are paid by the customer in advance, and the company will pay the subsidy according to the policy in the later period.
     Regional Negotiation Opening Support: The first time the business was opened, the company provided promotional expenses or material support according to the policy. And provide complete planning support and marketing integration solutions for regional market operations;
     Eligibility Audit Business training: The company provides consulting services on air-source heat pump technical knowledge and product performance knowledge for free, regularly organizes product knowledge, marketing skills, industry development direction and other related training, and provides customers with business and technical solutions;
     Inspecting and negotiating market promotion: The company always pays attention to the survival and development of each customer, helps them to formulate marketing strategies, and solves various problems encountered in development. Throughout the process, we assist our clients in formulating advertising, promotional campaigns and market expansion programs. The entire process of product marketing, the company provides a full range of marketing guidance services. In accordance with market strategies, the company actively engaged in advertising promotion on a number of relevant media carriers to achieve accurate placement of advertisements in line with customers' terminal sales. The company has intensified the development of new products and quickly provided the market with high-tech and diverse style air-energy water heaters.
     Contract Signing Project plan support: The company provides engineering technical support free of charge, provides customers with the best air energy water heater hot water engineering system design program, and provides one-time on-site guidance installation and debugging service support for key project projects.
     Join conditions
     1. legally qualified independent legal persons or individual entrepreneurs;
     2. understand the industry, agree with Theodore's product value and business philosophy;
     3. Has a certain amount of financial strength, which can reach the first purchase quota provided by Theodore;
     4. familiar with the local market, have good social relations, sales network or industry resources;
     5. Has stable business premises and can set up Theodore's standard independent sales outlets;
     6. can strictly abide by Theodore's business model and market management system;
     7. There are corresponding installation and maintenance personnel, which can guarantee the installation and after-sales service to customers in the jurisdiction;
     8. have strong brand awareness and can actively maintain the Theodore brand image;
     Affiliate Support
     1. Market protection: Implement a strict regional market protection policy, ie an exclusive agency system for one place and one business;
     2. Renovation subsidies: The cost of store decoration will be subsidized according to the company's policies, and a unified image design will be provided free of charge;
     3. Opening support: In accordance with the company's policies, subsidies for opening fees will be provided, and prototypes for empty shells and promotional materials will be provided free of charge;
     4. free car gift: a certain amount of money for the first time, free after-sale service car 1;
     5. Promotional Support: Provides cost subsidy for promotion and advertising, as well as promotion programs, materials, and special machine support;
     6. Training support: Provide technical guidance services throughout the process, regularly organize product technology and marketing skills training;
     7. Engineering support: Provide free engineering system design solutions, as well as on-site installation and commissioning services for key projects.
     8. promotion support: a wide range of media advertising and brand promotion, strongly driving the sales of terminal outlets;
     9. product support: strong R & D team, excellent product quality, fast new product launch speed;
     10. rebate rewards: The completion of annual sales tasks, according to company policy to give year-end rebate awards.